House Groups

Our home groups are the lifeline of the church. Here, everyone gets to bond with someone and help each other grow and become accountable. We meet regularly each week at different locations. To locate a group near you or you prefer to visit/join another further away, please call the church office on 02085332165. Home Groups meet at various locations during the week between 7.30pm and 9pm

Men’s Ministry

This group is exclusive for the men of Open Doors. Our vision is to empower men to lead godly lives and become examples to their families, friends and acquaintances eventually winning many to Jesus. Meetings are held once a month after church service and sometimes as Breakfast Meetings on Saturday mornings. We love discussions on ‘men only’ issues. The picture gallery here shows our recent retreat.

Women’s Ministry

All women are active co-labourers in this vineyard meeting regularly every third Sunday of the month after church service. We endeavour to encourage each woman to use their God-given talents, gifts and abilities in the house of the Lord. Open Doors women aim to empower themselves to rise up and take leading roles both in the church and the market place.

Youth Ministry

The Youth runs from age 14 all through 35 years. We take the Solomon’s words seriously – Remember, thy Creator in the days of your youth. This group is the future of the church and play a vital role in connecting to the youth out there. Through their dedication and passion for Christ, many other young ones have been challenged and won to Christ. Their bi-monthly meetings are filled with contemporary style of worship and discussions. This years’ Youth Week celebration comes up in the week of August 22nd-25th, 2013.

Children’s Ministry

Children are a joy to work with. This ministry prepares the kids to know Jesus with a dedicated team. The interactive style has helped the kids to regularly show increased interest to learn more. The surrounding is clean and safe and parents love to see their children interact and bond with other kids.

Welcome Ministry

Also called the ‘Ushers’, we have a heart to make everyone feel welcome in the house of the Lord. First impressions last long, so a warm atmosphere is what we endeavour to create to make your visit a comfortable one, so that you will never forget your time with us and come again.

Worship Team

Ushering the church into the presence of God is our goal. This is team work as we draw closer to Him so that we can represent Him and help host His presence every time we meet. The desire to lead the entire congregation into the presence of God is strong and each member of the team is encouraged to cultivate a daily lifestyle of worship and praise. God inhabits the praises of his children.

Singles Ministry

This ministry is specialized, solely designed to strengthen singles and them feel wholesome though unmarried. We also prepare ourselves for marriage and hold special events. Marriage is not the answer to singleness but rather to be whole in Christ. It is always great for two whole people to get married.

Visitation & Welfare Ministry

This team endeavours to be close to new visitors, members in situations that need attention and the like. They help encourage new ones to get involved in the church by first joining a house group, thereby easily making friends. The team seeks to bring encouragement and the comforting presence of the Lord.

Social Affairs Ministry

A ministry to make the church members active and excited, taking the hassle out of everyday life. We organise church outings, parties, summer barbecue events and the like. Our vision is to create cohesiveness within the body of Christ. There is a lot of fun in church and the social affairs loves to bring excitement into church life.

Media & Newsletter Team

This team empowers the church and the community with current and future events. The Newsletter, i.e. ‘The Dream’ comes out every quarter and has insightful messages and articles from the Pastor and other members. Very informative community news is also brought to your attention. Browse the media link for more information.

Evangelism Ministry

Every Christian is commissioned to ‘go win souls’. This ministry seeks to identify opportunities and training that will sharpen individuals to become more effective in sharing their faith. They work together with other ministries within the church to help them become more equipped in taking advantage of any opportunities for soul winning.