Every person is special and very much valued at Open Doors Baptist Church.

We would really love to see you one of these days.

About Open Doors Baptist Church

Open Doors Baptist Church is one of the great Spurgeon’s church plant since 1869. Our history page tells you more about our rich heritage. You can find us at the junction of the Downs Road and Queensdown Road. We would really love to see you one of these days.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to serve our community, winning them for Jesus Christ and building lives into wholeness.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose helps us to accomplish our vision. We have five purposes which makes a PURPOSE DRIVEN CHURCH. They are to:

  • MAGNIFY God through a habitual life of daily worship and loving Him
  • Become MEMBERS of the body of Christ and foster fellowship among us
  • MATURE through discipleship and live in daily obedience to Jesus
  • MINISTER to each other with the gifts that God has endowed us and
  • Become actively engaged in MISSION by sharing the good news to win the lost for Jesus.

In the pursuit of our PURPOSES, we endeavour not to hold PROGRAMMES just for filling space and time, but to really become what God expects us to be. These are the ways we continually live to achieve our purposes:

  • – To pursue God’s presence diligently through worship, soaking & intercessory prayers, study of the Word and fellowship
  • – To host God’s presence by being continually filled and led by the Holy Spirit
  • – To make a conscious effort to live in love and grace towards all people
  • – To affect and hopefully change lives through the manifest power of God’s presence on our lives both in speech and deed